The War on Religion is Real

There is a battle happening for your soul, or so many religious leaders tell us. There are atheists, agnostics, and various other liberals out there who apparently want to destroy the power of religion and turn America into a secular nation. The way they tell it, you’d think there’s a full blown war on religion happening in America. And you know what? They’re absolutely right.

Followers of the Christian religion aren’t taking this sitting down though. For those who haven’t heard (which I assume is most people – I only heard about it a few days ago myself), Fundamentalist Christian Alex McFarland has begun an initiative called Project 2026 to “see Christianity’s place in society restored to maximum strength by America’s 250th birthday.” He claims that “Humanists, Atheists, Muslims and Homosexuals are out to secularize and destroy America,” and he plans to stop them from succeeding. To do this, he wants to promote personal evangelism, lots of prayer, and biblical literacy among followers of the Christian religion. McFarland isn’t the only one trying to do this though. He’s just one of many religious leaders who have been working, both publicly and behind the scenes politically, to tear down the wall of separation between church and state.

Of course what most people who want to return America to its supposed Christian roots don’t seem to consider is how unlikely it is that their denomination or particular flavour of religion will get to be the one making the rules. Nor do they seem to realize just how horrible every single theocracy or nation based on religious rules is to live in, both now and throughout history. There is truly nothing more horrifying to those who truly love freedom than the totalitarian nature of a nation ruled by religion. Those of us who actually know the value of freedom recognize that no religion should be allowed to dictate the laws of any country.

What religious Christians also forget is that if there’s one thing Jesus and Paul were both against, it was religion. They both disobeyed the rules of the powerful religions of their day, and favoured love and grace over “the law” (referring to religious rules, not secular laws). Since the power of sin is the law, the most Christian thing one can do is reject religion in favour of Christ’s way of grace and love.

With that in mind, I’d like to suggest that religionless Christians unite with atheists and other humanists to put an end to religion once and for all, not just in America but worldwide, using a plan I call Objective 2025. At least one year before 2026, I’d like it to be completely impossible for religious Christians to bring about their desired theocracy, and even to see an end brought about to the reign of other religions in parts of the world that have been enslaved their citizens.

To do reach this goal, I suggest the first step should be taken from a page of our opposition’s own play book: more biblical literacy (at least here in the western world. Literacy of the so-called holy books of the reigning religions of other lands will work just as well for fighting their power). There’s nothing more harmful to the Christian religion than actually understanding what the Bible says. When one really studies the scriptures in depth, they quickly realize just how much their own church completely ignores what the scriptures actually say, and how their leaders so often teach the exact opposite of what is written in there. And those who dig even deeper eventually discover the errors and contradictions within the Bible, and conclude that it can’t possibly be the inerrant word of God, at least not from the literalist perspective they grew up interpreting it with (the same goes for every other holy book too. When one really digs into them objectively, they begin to see how absurd the idea is that an omnipotent, omniscient deity actually wrote any of these books. Inspired parts of them perhaps – which is all the Bible claims about itself anyway – but definitely not authored).

Expect opposition if you enlist in the war against religion. Remember, nobody likes to lose power, and religious leaders will fight their hardest to hold onto the control they love having over others. Remember too that, while we must be as peaceful as Jesus was, the religious will often use whatever force and violence they feel necessary to keep their grasp on power (even going so far as torturing and killing those who oppose them, as history has shown us time and again). But we have an advantage. Logic, science, and basic common sense are on our side, not to mention truth itself, and humanity is slowly evolving to a point where we realize the value of these things over blind superstition and dogma. If we keep pushing for reason over religion in public policy, and continue to educate ourselves, our children, and those around us to the truth about what the various holy books of the world actually teach, we just might accomplish a truly secular world (or at least North America) by 2025.